Keyword Techniques to read Hindu/Indian express newspaper to clear mains examination

Idea about keywords to crack General Studies mains paper.
Topics from Ethics in governance, or economics or social issues or IR to any dynamic topics from the four papers of General Studies, the below points take you through a birds eye view of how to score better mark and by following the below points, one can uncover the myth about difficulty in clearing mains examination.

1. Keywords in the syllabus must be by-hearted. For example, read next article on keywords and UPSC questions.
2. The questions asked are in line with such keywords.
3. So what’s the answer they are expecting? Answers in mains paper with keywords matching the requirement of the question from the contemporary issues you read.
4. How will you get it ? Suppose you are reading about effect of climate change and it’s impact on the economy of nation. Read the climate change section from economic survey and you have to jot down max 10 important points(keywords) from the document.
5. Try to revise it. Remember the keywords.
6. By revising you get strong with the key points.
7. Now answering it – intro few lines, body with the keywords and conclusion as way forward.
8. Now wrt conclusion – the same article you read in The Hindu paper or editorial or rajyasabha news has relevant conclusion.
9. From all these sources they conclude with awesome points relevant for mains questions. When you take notes you will know which conclusion fits which type of climate change answers.
10. Also, some key points from economic survey which tells about way forward or concluding aspect of the topic. Jot down those keywords.
These keywords will match the question asked and answering it aptly without deviating from what is being asked is the key to score maximum mark for each question.

So all you need is minimum key points addressing the mains questions which must be clearly answered and make it easy for the evaluator to read and give you maximum score.

The structure of the answer comes by writing practice. Keywords to be remembered comes by repeated revision from where you have noted down.

This way examiner will be happy and when the aspirant checks his mains result will also be happy.

Win – Win situation right !

Give it a thought.

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